About ODI St.Petersburg

StPetersburg ODI Node team
Becoming a story node of the Open Data Institute is an opportunity for us to share our expertise in open data field and to build the open data community in St. Petersburg and Russia. We are ready to communicate, find the intersection points and answer any questions about open government data, linked open data, open education and data journalism.
During different types of our activities we conducts basic and applied research in areas of Open Data, Semantic Web, Ontology Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Linked Data, Internet of Things, Smart Spaces and others.
Our main ODI St. Petersburg activities in open data:
1. Open Budgets field includes all activities around openness of government finances, open spending, and fiscal transparency. Our goal is to improve the quality of this data, make it machine-readable for programmers and accessible and understandable for citizens.
2. Open Science is one of the important directions for the implementation of open data and our Node is supporting Open Science concept in many ways: we organize open science meetups, provide open science sessions on the international conferences, teach university staff to use online tools for the scientific collaborations and open research.
3. Since the better tools produce better products and services, which in their turn improve the quality of living, we are strongly convinced that the better tools of working with linked open data can generate a great social and economic impact. With this belief our ODI Node focuses on exploration of linked open data tools as well as their development and popularization. For this goal we brought together the best experts in semantic technologies, open data governance and software development to achieve the best results.
4. Our Node is also focuses on such citizen oriented concept as Data Driven Journalism. We are providing Data Expeditions in different social areas and participating in a lot of hackathons.
Email Address: st_petersburg@theodi.org