The best interface is no interface

how open data can enhance human to machine communication   Why ChatBots are on the rise of popularity? Have you ever thought why chatbots are on the rise of their popularity nowadays? Why there’s been so much on the media about chatbots recently: from discussions on chatbots competitions to press releases about software giants acquisitions […]

Russian Open Finance Data World

Three months ago, I participated in the ICEGOV2016 conference (the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance) where several international projects on open finance and open spending were presented. Our papers were about the format for budget data and research about Russian municipal budgets, and I was surprised by the interest to Russian […]

How to visualise linked open data

Open data’s potential increases when datasets are linked, and transforming linked datasets into visualisations can extend positive impacts even more. ODI St Petersburg share how they built a tool to allow anyone to visualise linked, open data By Dmitry Pavlov What is linked open data and why is it important? Many now understand what open […]

ODI St.Petersburg Node: Introduction

With open data gaining momentum in Russia, the team at ODI St Petersburg – a newly formed ODI Story Node – introduce themselves and give you the latest innovations and events in the region By Irina Radchenko and Dmitry Pavlov Who are ODI St Petersburg? At the ISST Lab of ITMO University, we are striving […]